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Fuel Tank Straps


All Lengths Are Figured For StrapOnly Not Including Studs

Stud And Pin Style Straps

8MB330AM3 (Black Vinyl)53 Inches
8MB330AM4 (Black Vinyl)60 Inches
8MB340BM4 (Stainless Steel)60 Inches
8MB340BM8 (Stainless Steel)44 -1/2 Inches
8MB340BM3 (Stainless Steel)53 Inches
8MB2011A59 - 1/2 Inches


Dual Stud Style Straps

Part NumberLengthChrome Equivalent
8MB279 (Black )55 Inches8MB2010P3
8MB279P2 (Black )60 Inches8MB2010P4
8MB279P5 (Black)56 - 1/2 Inches8MB2010P3
8MB279P8 (Black)48 Inches8MB2010P2
8MB279P9 (Black)43 -1/2 Inches8MB2010
8MB279P10 (Black)65 - 1/4 Inches8MB154P3
8MB279P11 (Black)40 - 1/2 Inches8MB151P5