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Overhaul Parts
E - 7 ( Non E-Tech )
Piston NumberPiston KitCylinder KitOverhaul Kit
240GC585 One-piece Pistons or 240GC590/5123M Two-piece PistonsNot Available - Must Replace All Six With Overhaul KitNot Available - Must Replace All Six With Overhaul Kit215SB198G
240GC2248BM215SB230A215SB218DNot Available
240GC590/591or 240GC2246AM Two-piece Pistons215SB232A215SB217D215SB200G
240GC590/598/5122M or 240GC2250CM Two-piece Pistons215SB231A215SB219F215SB208C
E - 7 ( E-Tech )
240GC590/598/5122M or 240GC2250CM Two-piece Pistons215SB231A215SB219F215SB304A
240GC2259M57GC220457GC3124 w/509GC475 SleeveNONE
240GC2263M57GC221757GC3128w/509GC463 SleeveNONE

Piston Kits Include: Piston, Pin, & Snap Rings

Cylinder Kits Include: Piston, Pin, Snap Rings, Piston Ring Sets, & Cylinder Liner.

Overhaul Kits Include: Pistons, Pins, Snap Rings, Piston Ring Sets, Cylinder Liners, Rod Bearings, Main Bearings, Upper Gasket Kit, Lower Gasket Kit, & Head Gaskets.

E - 6
EnginePiston KitCylinder KitOverhaul Kit
2V Engine215SB226215SB214B215SB196B
4V Engine215SB228215SB213B215SB197B


Miscellaneous Engine Parts
PartQuantity UsedPart NumberEngine Application
Head Gasket257GC189AE6 2V or 4V
Head Gasket257GC2155AE7 (stepped fire ring)
Head Gasket257GC2115AE7 (flat fire ring)
Head Gasket257GC2176E-Tech & A-SET
Exhaust Gasket6573GB310BE6 2V or 4V
Exhaust Gasket6573GB257AE7, E-Tech, A-SET
Exhaust Gasket6573GB260E-Tech & A-SET
Intake/Water Gasket2590GB355E6, E7, E-Tech & A-SET
Exhaust Lock687GC132E6 - 2V
Exhaust Lock487GC210E7
Exhaust Lock287GC211E7
Exhaust Lock487GC212E6 - 4V
Exhaust Lock287GC213E6 - 4V
Oil Pan Gasket (paper)1579GB41EE6 & E7
Oil Pan Gasket (rubber)1579GB422E7 & E-Tech, A-SET
Rubber Oil Pan Gasket Isolators3041GC212E7, E-Tech, A-SET
Exhaust Stud12616GC28AP2E6 2V
Exhaust Stud12616GC28AE6 4V
Exhaust Stud Washer1237AX256E6 2V or 4V
Exhaust Stud Nut1222AX22CE6 2V or 4V
Exhaust Stud Nut12189AM2E7, E-Tech
Exhaust Stud Nut12142GC35MA-SET AC
Valve Cover Gasket2554GB38AE6 2V
Valve Cover Gasket2554GB321E6 4V, E7, E-Tech
Jake Brake Housing Gasket (paper type) - some trucks will use 2 more rubber valve cover gaskets p/n 554GB32124559-13411E6 4V, E7, E-Tech, A-SET
Breather Tube Gasket2590GB2111AE6, E7, E-Tech, A-SET
Valve Cover Bolt Gasket656AX576E6 2V
Turbo Mounting Gasket
(Up To 9-03-01)
New Part Number: 590GB49
E6,E7 & E-Tech
Turbo Mounting Gasket1590GB48A-SET
Turbo Drain Tube Oring At The Block156AX594E7 & E-Tech
Turbo Mtg Gasket (From 9-04-01 & On)1590GB49E-Tech
Injector Oring Kit1 Per Injector
( 6 Per Truck )
207SB11E6 2V
Injector Oring Kit1 Per Injector
( 6 Per Truck )
207SB12E6 4V & E7
Injector Oring Kit1 Per Injector
( 6 Per Truck )
EUP Oring Kit1 Per EUP
( 6 Per Truck )
EUP Solenoid Rebuild Kit 1 Per EUP
( 6 Per Truck )
Upper Gasket Set (No Head Gaskets)1126SB183AE6 2V
Lower Gasket Set1126SB184AE6 2V
Upper Gasket Set (No Head Gaskets)1126SB187CE6 4V
Lower Gasket Set1126SB188E6 4V
Upper Gasket Set (No Head Gaskets)1215SB333E7
Lower Gasket Set157GC2119E7
Upper Gasket Set (No Head Gaskets)1215SB334E-Tech
Lower Gasket Set1126SB191E-Tech
Upper Gasket Set (No Head Gaskets)1215SB337A-SET
Lower Gasket Set (From 2-18-02 Up To 12-16-03)1126SB191A-SET
Lower Gasket Set (From 12-17-03 On)157GC3133A-SET
Rear Main Seal With Wear Ring157GC186BAll Engines
Rod Bearing662GB2382E6 2V Standard With Stamped Number On Bearings 62GB33
Rod Bearing662GB2393E6 4V Standard With Stamped Number On Bearings 62GB312 & 62GB313
Rod Bearing662GB2396AE7, E-Tech, Aset Standard With Stamped Number On Bearings 62GB310 & 62GB318
Main Bearing Set1215SB72DE6 2V & 4V Standard Kit ( Not Included In Kit, (2 Packages) 57GC279 Brass Thrust Washers ) For Steel Thrust Washers With Tab, Use (2) 441SB121
Main Bearing Set157GC387E7, E-Tech, Aset