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Steel Shield Tech
Steel Shield Oil Additives and Products

Part Number Description Size
DTS16 Drill & Tap Shield 16 ounce
DTS16WS Drill & Tap Shield 16 ounce
EPAMT16 Steel Shield Additive 16 ounce
EPAMT128 Steel Shield Additive (1 gal.) 128 ounce
ESMT8 Engine Shield Additive 8 ounce
ESMT32 Engine Shield Additive32 ounce
LSLB Lithi Shield Grease 1 pound
MSMT8 Marine Shield 8 ounce
SS4WS Spray Shield Metal Protector 4 ounce
SS16WS Spray Shield Metal Protector16 ounce
STKS4 Strike Shield Penetrating Oil 4 ounce
STKS16 Strike Shield Penetrating Oil16 ounce
TMSMT8 Transmission Shield (Cars) 8 ounce
TRKMT32 Truck Shield 32 ounce
TRKMT128 Truck Shield (1 gal.) 128 ounce
TS4 Tool Shield 4 ounce
TS16 Tool Shield 16 ounce
TSMT8 Trans Shield (Motor Cycles) 8 ounce
VTMT8 V-Twin Shield 8 ounce

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